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City of Franklin BOMA Elections 2023 Williamson County Republican Party Candidate Survey

City of Franklin BOMA Elections 2023

Williamson County Republican Party

Candidate Survey




Please type your responses into this document.


Please email the document with your responses by Monday, August 28 to the Chair of the WCRP Elections Committee, Christine Deekens, at  She will reply with a confirmation of receipt.


All answers will be posted verbatim on the WCRP website and portions may appear in WCRP social media.


Please respond to all questions.   Unanswered questions will be marked as “No answer” on the WCRP website.


A high percentage of members of the Tennessee General Assembly served first as local elected leaders.   Some questions are intended to elicit the views of candidates on topics beyond the normal responsibilities / scope of the Franklin BOMA with a view that they may run for a wider office in the future.


Voters will appreciate brevity – particularly since there are so many candidates.



Candidate Background:


  1. Please tell us about you and your family.What are your qualifications, skills, and experience? Tell us about your faith, your civic involvement, and about any character traits that will help you be an effective alderman or mayor.


BK Muvvala is a dedicated family man with a vision for a brighter Franklin future based on Franklin City Citizens. As a happily married man, I cherish the unwavering support of my beautiful wife, Raji Muvvala, who excels as an IT QA Engineer at BMI. Together, we take pride in nurturing our two sons, each pursuing their dreams.

The elder son, Dr. Mohan Muvvala, stands as a testament to BK's commitment to education and entrepreneurship. As a doctor and entrepreneur, Dr. Mohan exemplifies the values instilled in him by his father.

The younger son, Madhav BK, currently in the tenth grade, aspires to become a doctor, inspired by the compassion and determination shown by his family.


Member of Christ United Methodist Church, at Franklin


BK Muvvala is a passionate and dedicated leader who has a vision for the future of Franklin City. He wants to make Franklin City a more inclusive, clean, and prosperous community for everyone. He has experience in public service, business, and education, and He knows how to work with people from different backgrounds and perspectives

2.             Why are you running? BK Muvvala is a successful entrepreneur, a compassionate leader, a dedicated servant, a candidate who has experience in running businesses, nonprofits, and volunteer organizations. BK Muvvala is the most eligible candidate that Franklin City deserve as a leader and a visionary who listens to the people, works for people’s best interests and is capable of bringing a positive difference in Franklin City community

BK Muvvala has a dream, a belief, and a big picture for Franklin inspired by Franklinites. He wants to serve, embrace, and uplift the Franklin community .BK wants to address the challenges of sewage, flooding, clean drinking water, preservation, sustainability growth, transportation, city staff benefits & remunerations and traffic congestion. BK will work with BOMA and state to offer incentives, tax breaks, relax zoning rules, engage big tech, clean and big businesses, and revitalize neighborhoods

I believe that I am a strong advocate for the envisioning of the conservative values of Franklin City. I believe in open-mindedness, truth seeking, problem solving, limited government, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty. I am committed to working with the community to preserve our conservative values , make Franklin City a better place to live ,support not to increase taxes, act to bring in code decency for public events, protect children from exposure to adult content, strive to work on election integrity, work with the new builders/property developers to build  & support requisite city infrastructure, attract new clean businesses, support local and small businesses, work with city employees, and support to raise a great family. I am a passionate, willing to compromise and dedicated leader who has a vision for the future of Franklin City, listen actively and be respectful. I will strive to make Franklin City a more inclusive, clean, and prosperous community for everyone. I have experience in public service, business, volunteering and education, and also have commitment to work with people from different backgrounds, officials, bureaucrats and people with wide different perspectives

Scope and Role of Government:

  1. What is your view about the U.S. Constitution and how it should be interpreted?

    BK Muvvala: "originalism" or "textualism" protecting individual rights as enumerated in the Constitution, including the rights to free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms. Limited government intervention in the lives of citizens and the economy, reflecting the principles of federalism and separation of powers outlined in the Constitution.

    What does liberty mean to you?How does government influence liberty?

  2. BK Muvvala:  Liberty as the freedom to live one's life without undue interference from the government. This includes the freedom to make decisions about one's personal life, economic choices, and property without unnecessary regulations or restrictions. I often prioritize individual rights and personal responsibility, believing that liberty involves the freedom to succeed or fail based on one's own actions and decisions. This perspective is often tied to the idea of "negative liberty," or freedom from external restrictions or coercion, especially those imposed by the state.

    BK Muvvala: Government's influence on liberty – I typically argue that government can both protect and infringe upon liberty. On one hand, government is necessary to safeguard citizens' rights and freedoms, enforce laws, and maintain social order. On the other hand, I express concern that government can also limit liberty by imposing too many regulations, infringing upon personal freedoms, or overstepping its boundaries in other ways. As a result, I advocate for a limited government that plays a minimal role in citizens' daily lives, believing this to be the best way to preserve individual liberty.

    What is the primary role of government?

BK Muvvala: I believe that the primary role of government should be limited and focused on a few key areas:

  • Protection of Rights: A fundamental role of government is to protect the individual rights of citizens, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution. This includes the right to life, liberty, and property, as well as the freedom of speech, religion, and assembly.

    Law and Order: Maintaining law and order as a crucial function of government. This involves enforcing laws, preserving social order, and providing for the public's safety and security, including defense against foreign threats.

  • Economic Freedom: Free-market economic system with minimal government intervention. I believe that the government should create an environment that allows for free trade, competition, and innovation, but should not overly interfere with the market.

  • Infrastructure and Public Services: Limited government, I agree that the government has a role in providing certain public goods and services that may not be adequately provided by the private sector. This can include things like roads, public education, and emergency services.

  • Preservation of Constitutional Government: Government should adhere to the principles set forth in the Constitution, including the separation of powers and federalism, to ensure the protection of citizens' rights and prevent the concentration of power.

Franklin Governance:

  1. What are the three most critical issues facing Franklin today and how would you propose that Franklin address each issue?

Franklin, TN, like many cities, has its unique set of challenges that evolve over time.

BK Muvvala:

1. Growth and Development: Franklin has experienced significant growth, which brings challenges related to infrastructure, housing affordability, and preserving local character.

Proposed Solutions: I favor development policies that ensure sustainable growth while protecting property rights. I also advocate for minimal regulatory burdens on businesses and developments to encourage economic prosperity, balanced with the preservation of Franklin's historic character.

2. Taxes and Budgeting:  As with many locales, the fiscal health of the local government, tax rates, and how taxpayer money is spent are perennial concerns.

Proposed Solutions: I favor efficient government spending, reducing waste, and avoiding tax hikes. I will advocate for periodic reviews of municipal expenses to ensure that taxpayer money is being used wisely and for essential services.

3. Public Safety and Law Enforcement: Ensuring that residents feel safe and that law enforcement is supported can be a priority.

Proposed Solutions: I support strong backing for police departments, with an emphasis on community policing, good training, and ensuring departments have the resources they need. I also emphasize policies that deter crime and support victims.

Do you have any concerns about how city officials are appointed?  What involvement, if any, should the BOMA have in recommending and/or approving appointments?

I emphasize transparency, accountability, and limited government intervention.

 When it comes to the appointment of city officials:

1. Concerns: I will be concerned if the appointments are made without transparency, based on political favoritism, or without adequate consideration of qualifications and merit. I could also be worried if certain groups or perspectives are being systematically excluded from city leadership roles.

2. Role of the BOMA: In many cities, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (or its equivalent) plays a role in approving or recommending appointments. The extent of this involvement can vary based on local ordinances and traditions. I advocate for a system that ensures checks and balances, meaning that one entity or individual does not hold too much power in the appointment process. If the BOMA provides a check on mayoral appointments, I view this as a way to ensure greater accountability.

City Finances:

  1. What concerns do you have regarding Franklins finances and how would you propose they be resolved?


    1. Government Spending: Excessive government spending, which I see as wasteful and detrimental to economic growth. Unnecessary projects or programs driving up costs.

    2. Debt and Deficits: Accumulating high levels of government debt and budget deficits, I believe these can lead to long-term economic instability and reduced fiscal flexibility.

    3. Pension Obligations: City has pension plans for public employees, sustainability and financial stability of these plans, especially if they are underfunded.

    4. Transparency and Accountability: Concerns might also center around transparency in budgeting and spending decisions. I advocate for open and accountable government practices to ensure taxpayer dollars are being used efficiently.

    Proposed Resolutions:

    1. Fiscal Restraint: Implement measures to control spending, such as conducting regular audits of government programs, eliminating redundant services, and instituting cost-saving practices across various departments.

    2. Tax Reform: Reducing tax rates or introducing tax incentives for businesses to encourage investment and job creation, while still maintaining essential city services.

    3. Debt Management: Develop a plan to manage existing debt, prioritize essential projects, and avoid taking on excessive new debt. This might involve refinancing existing debt to lower interest payments.

    4. Pension Reform: Address any underfunded pension obligations by exploring pension reform options that ensure the long-term sustainability of pension plans while being fiscally responsible.

    5. Transparency Measures: Enhance transparency in budgeting by providing easy access to financial information for residents, enabling them to understand how their tax dollars are being used.

    6. Business-Friendly Policies: Work on creating a business-friendly environment through streamlined regulations, reduced bureaucracy, and collaboration with local businesses to foster economic growth.

    Growth and Infrastructure:

    BK Muvvala : I strongly support the Envision Franklin document as a general framework for the city's future development. However, I believe that some changes are needed to make the document more realistic and achievable. Specifically, I propose the following changes to the Envision Franklin document:

    Reduce the focus on economic development and put more emphasis on quality of life issues, such as affordable housing, traffic congestion, and public safety.  Increase transparency and accountability in the city's planning process. Give more weight to the input of citizens and businesses in the planning process.  Protect the city's historic character and natural resources. I believe that these changes would make the Envision Franklin document a more valuable tool for guiding the city's future development. In addition to the above, I also have the following specific commitments to the Envision Franklin document:

    I will work to ensure that the city's economic development efforts are balanced with the need to protect the environment and quality of life. I will support the development of affordable housing options for all income levels. I will work to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.  I will support the expansion of public safety services. I will protect the city's historic character and natural resources.

    I will be transparent and accountable in all decision-making process. I will listen to the input of citizens and businesses in the planning process.  I believe that these commitments will help to make Franklin a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

    BK Muvvala : Developer impact fees: Impact fees are charged to developers to offset the cost of new infrastructure that is needed to support their development. Impact fees are typically based on the size and type of development, and they can be used to fund a variety of infrastructure projects, such as roads, water and sewer lines, parks, and schools.

    Tax increment financing (TIF): TIF is a financing tool that allows local governments to use the increased property tax revenue generated by new development to fund infrastructure improvements in the area. TIF can be a useful tool for funding infrastructure projects that would not be feasible to fund with traditional sources of revenue.

    Public-private partnerships (P3s): P3s are arrangements between the public and private sectors to finance and deliver infrastructure projects. P3s can be a cost-effective way to fund infrastructure projects, and they can also help to bring private sector expertise to the table.

    State and federal grants: State and federal governments often provide grants to local governments to help fund infrastructure projects. These grants can be a valuable source of funding for infrastructure projects, but they are often competitive and require a significant amount of paperwork.

    I believe that a combination of these sources is the best way to fund the additional infrastructure needed for new development in Franklin. Impact fees, TIF, P3s, and state and federal grants can all play a role in ensuring that Franklin has the infrastructure it needs to support continued growth.

    In addition to these sources of funding, I also believe that it is important to be careful about how new development is managed. I support smart growth policies that promote infill development and mixed-use zoning. These policies can help to reduce the need for new infrastructure by encouraging development in areas that are already served by infrastructure.

    I believe that by carefully managing new development and using a combination of funding sources, Franklin can ensure that it has the infrastructure it needs to support continued growth without putting a strain on taxpayers.

    BK Muvvala :There are both pros and cons to consider, and the decision will depend on a variety of factors, such as the city's budget, the local current economy, and the specific businesses that are being considered


    • Tax breaks can help to create jobs and boost the local economy.
    • Tax breaks can help to offset the cost of doing business in Franklin, which is higher than in some other parts of the country.
    • Tax breaks can make Franklin more attractive to businesses, which can lead to more competition and lower prices for consumers.


    • Tax breaks can be expensive for taxpayers.
    • Tax breaks do not always lead to the creation of new jobs.
    • Tax breaks can give an unfair advantage to certain businesses.
    • Tax breaks can lead to a race to the bottom, where cities and states compete to offer the biggest tax breaks to attract businesses.

    Public Issues:

    1.     Should the City of Franklin have a code of decency for events held at publicly owned venues?   How should the attendance by children be addressed at events which may contain adult content, including sexual content?

    BK Muvvala : I believe that the City of Franklin should have a code of decency for events held at publicly owned venues. I believe that this code should be designed to protect children from exposure to adult content, including sexual content.

    I propose that the code of decency should include the following provisions:

    Events held at publicly owned venues should be clearly labeled as either family-friendly or adult-only.

    Children under the age of 18 should not be admitted to adult-only events.

    Events that may contain adult content, including sexual content, should be held at a time and place that is not likely to be attended by children.

    Event organizers should take steps to prevent children from attending events that may contain adult content, including sexual content.

    I believe that these provisions would help to protect children from exposure to adult content and would ensure that publicly owned venues are safe and welcoming for all members of the community.

    I also believe that event organizers should take steps to address the attendance of children at events that may contain adult content, including sexual content. Event organizers should:

    Make it clear on the event listing that the event may contain adult content, including sexual content.

    Require all attendees to be 18 years of age or older.

    Provide a designated area for children to wait while their parents or guardians attend the event.

    Provide childcare services for children who are under the age of 18.

    I believe that these steps would help to ensure that children are not exposed to adult content at events that may not be appropriate for them.

    Is it the governments role to ensure the availability of affordable housing?If so, how?

  2. There are both pros and cons to consider, and the decision will depend on a variety of factors, such as the government's budget, the housing market, and the needs of the community.

    BK Muvvala : I believe that the government has a role to play in ensuring the availability of affordable housing. However, I believe that the government should not be the sole provider of affordable housing. I believe that the private sector should also play a role in providing affordable housing.

    I propose that the government can help to ensure the availability of affordable housing by:

    Here are some of the arguments for and against the government's role in ensuring the availability of affordable housing:

    Arguments for:

    The government has a responsibility to protect its citizens from homelessness and poverty.

    Affordable housing is essential for economic opportunity.

    Affordable housing can help to reduce crime and improve public health.

    The government has the resources to build and subsidize affordable housing.

    Arguments against:

    The government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers in the housing market.

    Government intervention in the housing market can distort prices and lead to inefficiency.

    The government should focus on other priorities, such as education and healthcare.

    The private sector is better equipped to provide affordable housing.

    What are your thoughts about the Middle Eightdevelopment project?

What is your commitment to the Envision Franklin document?What changes would propose, if any, to the Envision Franklin document?

For new development, how do you think the additional infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, police, ambulances, fire, etc.) should be funded?

Some citizens have expressed concern that the building in which City Hall resides is no longer adequate. What are your thoughts?

BK Muvvala : I agree with the citizens who have expressed concern that the building in which City Hall resides is no longer adequate. The building was built in 1973 and is not designed to meet the needs of the modern city. It is cramped, outdated, and does not have enough space for the city's growing workforce.

I support the city's efforts to find a new location for City Hall. The city has been considering several options, including renovating the existing building, building a new building on the current site, or building a new building in a different location.

I believe that the best option for the city is to build a new building in a different location. This would allow the city to design a building that is specifically tailored to its needs. It would also allow the city to create a more inviting and accessible space for citizens and businesses.

I understand that building a new City Hall will be a costly endeavor. However, I believe that it is a necessary investment in the future of the city. A new City Hall would be a symbol of Franklin's progress and prosperity. It would also provide the city with the space and resources it needs to continue to grow and thrive.

Here are some of the specific concerns that citizens have raised about the current City Hall building:

It is cramped and outdated. The building is not designed to accommodate the city's growing workforce. There is not enough space for employees to work comfortably, and there is no room for expansion.

It is not accessible to people with disabilities. The building has several steps and narrow doorways, which make it difficult for people with disabilities to get around.

It is not energy efficient. The building is old and inefficient, which means that it costs the city a lot of money to heat and cool.

It is not secure. The building is not well-protected from security threats. This is a concern for both employees and citizens.

I believe that a new City Hall would address all of these concerns. A new building would be designed to be spacious, modern, and accessible. It would also be energy efficient and secure.  I am committed to working with the city to find a solution that meets the needs of the citizens and the city. I belive it is the best way to ensure that Franklin has a modern and efficient government that can serve the needs of its citizens for years to come.

  1. What are your views concerning Franklin giving tax breaks to attract new businesses?

    Providing tax breaks to developers who build affordable housing.

  • Providing grants to non-profit organizations that develop affordable housing.
  • Regulating the housing market to prevent speculation and price gouging.
  • Investing in infrastructure that supports affordable housing, such as public transportation and parks.
  • I also believe that the private sector can help to ensure the availability of affordable housing by:
  • Building more affordable housing units.Offering rent subsidies to low-income tenants.Working with government to develop affordable housing solutions.I believe that by working together, the government and the private sector can help to ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing.

BK Muvvala :There are both pros and cons to consider, and my decision will depend on a variety of factors, such as the impact on the environment, the community, and the economy.

I have mixed views on the "Middle Eight" development project. Even though the project  will bring much-needed economic development to Franklin, create jobs, boost the local economy, and attract new businesses to the city,will improve the quality of life for Franklin residents by providing new amenities, such as a hotel, restaurants, and shops.

I am strongly concerned about the impact it will have on the environment and the community, the project will increase traffic congestion, contribute to air pollution, and destroy green space, also will lead to gentrification and displacement of low-income residents, and I am still leaning towards the Franklin City growth, mixed development, prosperity, job creations and community development

4.     What do you think about how Franklin handled the pandemic?   What would you have done differently?

BK Muvvala : I have mixed views on how Franklin city, TN handled the pandemic. Even though I believe that the city did a good job of balancing public health concerns with economic needs. I believe that the city's mask mandate and other restrictions helped to slow the spread of the virus, while also allowing businesses to remain open, which helped to protect the economy and jobs. Also I would have provided more financial, medical and mental health assistance to people who were struggling financially due to the pandemic.  I would have left to individual’s freedom to act or not to act, and would have seen that government would not play the role in mandating the rules on what to do, how to live and what not to do, as long as it doesn’t impact other individuals rights,obligations and liberty

5.     As a citizen and a voter, do you think the county and the state have any election integrity issues?   If so, what are the issues?

BK Muvvala : I have expressed concerns about election integrity in Williamson County and Tennessee. I have specifically pointed to the following issues:

The use of Dominion voting machines, which have been the subject of conspiracy theories and allegations of fraud.

The lack of transparency in the election process, which makes it difficult to verify the accuracy of the results.

The potential for voter fraud, which could be committed by individuals or by foreign actors.

I believe that these issues need to be addressed in order to ensure the integrity of elections in Williamson County and Tennessee. I am actively, collectively, directly and indirectly participated in calling for a number of reforms, including:

The use of paper ballots, which are more difficult to hack or manipulate.

Increased transparency in the election process, which would make it easier for voters to verify the accuracy of the results.

Voter ID laws, which would make it more difficult for people to vote illegally.

It is important to have a public discussion about these issues in order to ensure that elections are fair and accurate

How should the City of Franklin make decisions regarding the placement of historical markers?

BK Muvvala : I believe that the City of Franklin should make decisions regarding the placement of historical markers based on the following criteria:

Historical accuracy: The markers should be accurate and factual, and they should not be used to promote a particular agenda or viewpoint.

Balance: The markers should represent a variety of perspectives, and they should not be biased towards one particular group or viewpoint.

Community input: The markers should be placed in consultation with the community, and they should reflect the needs and interests of the community.

Cost-effectiveness: The markers should be cost-effective, and they should not be a burden on taxpayers.

I believe that these criteria are important for ensuring that historical markers are a valuable and accurate resource for the community. I also believe that these criteria will help to avoid controversy and ensure that the markers are accepted by all members of the community.

In addition to these criteria, I also believe  that the City of Franklin should consider the following factors when making decisions about the placement of historical markers:

The location of the marker: The marker should be placed in a location where it will be seen by a lot of people and where it will not be easily vandalized.

The size and design of the marker: The marker should be large enough to be easily read, but it should not be so large that it is unsightly or obstructive.

The materials used to make the marker: The marker should be made from durable materials that will withstand the elements.

The maintenance of the marker: The City of Franklin should have a plan for maintaining the marker and ensuring that it is clean and free of graffiti.




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