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Meet BK

"Join BK Muvvala's Election Campaign - A Proud Family Man with a Vision!

Meet BK Muvvala, a dedicated family man with a vision for a brighter future. As a happily married man, he cherishes the unwavering support of his beautiful wife, Raji Muvvala, who excels as an IT QA Engineer at BMI. Together, they take pride in nurturing their two sons, each pursuing their dreams.

The elder son, Dr. Mohan Muvvala, stands as a testament to BK's commitment to education and entrepreneurship. As a doctor and entrepreneur, Dr. Mohan exemplifies the values instilled in him by his father.

The younger son, Madhav BK, currently in the tenth grade, aspires to become a doctor, inspired by the compassion and determination shown by his family.

BK Muvvala's campaign is fueled by family values, education, and progress. Join us in supporting his vision for a stronger community and a brighter tomorrow."

BK Muvvala is running for alderman at large in Franklin City, TN, in the upcoming 2023 elections. He is a passionate and dedicated leader who has a vision for the future of Franklin City. He wants to make Franklin City a more inclusive, clean, and prosperous community for everyone. He has experience in public service, business, and education, and He knows how to work with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. He is committed and has passion to improving the quality of life for all residents of Franklin City by addressing the issues that matter most to them: Traffic congestion, Infrastructure, public safety, economic development, education, health care, and environmental sustainability. He believes that Franklin City has the potential to be a model city for the nation and the world, and He is ready to work hard to make that happen. Bhavani Muvvala is the best choice for alderman at large in Franklin City. Vote for him on October 24th, 2023! As an alderman at large, I will represent the interests of all Franklin City residents, not just those of a specific ward. I will work with the mayor, other aldermen, city staff, and community stakeholders to address these critical issues and make our city a better place for everyone

Community Involvement

With these roles, Bhavani supports youth development as an advisor member of the Williamson County 4-H Organization, fostering the next generation's skills and leadership. As an alumnus of the Franklin Citizens Government Academy, a graduate of the Leadership Brentwood program sponsored by the Williamson County Chamber Foundation, Disaster Volunteer Leader with Hands on Nashville and a member of the Williamson County Young Leaders Council, Bhavani's leadership and civic understanding are well-established.

I believe that I am a strong advocate for the envisioning of the conservative values of Franklin City. I believe in open-mindedness, truth seeking, problem solving, limited government, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty. I am committed to working with the community to preserve our conservative values , make Franklin City a better place to live ,support not to increase taxes, act to bring in code decency for public events, protect children from exposure to adult content, strive to work on election integrity, work with the new builders/property developers to build  & support requisite city infrastructure, attract new clean businesses, support local and small businesses, work with city employees, and support to raise a great family. I am a passionate, willing to compromise and dedicated leader who has a vision for the future of Franklin City, listen actively and be respectful. I will strive to make Franklin City a more inclusive, clean, and prosperous community for everyone. I have experience in public service, business, volunteering and education, and also have commitment to work with people from different backgrounds, officials, bureaucrats and people with wide different perspectives




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