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Issues :

These are just some of the issues that I care deeply about, and I'm eager to hear from you about what matters to you. I'm not a career politician, but a concerned citizen who wants to make a difference. I have the skills, experience, and dedication to serve you as your alderman at large. I hope you will join me in this journey and vote for me in the 2023 elections. Together, we can make Franklin City a great place to live, work, and play.

 Traffic congestion and safety

Economic development

Public safety


Environmental Sustainability 

Preservation of Franklin City's Historic Heritage 

Social Services 

Mental Health



City of Franklin's Traffic Congestion & Safety

As our city grows, so does the demand for transportation and mobility. We need to invest in smart solutions that improve traffic flow, reduce accidents, and promote alternative modes of transportation such as walking, biking, and public transit Read More

City of Franklin's Economic Development

BK Muvvala wants to attract more businesses and jobs to Franklin City, while preserving its historic charm and natural beauty. He will work with the Chamber of Commerce, local entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to create a business-friendly environment that supports innovation and growth while supporting our local businesses and creating more jobs and economic opportunities for our residents. Economic development and fiscal responsibility: He will promote a business-friendly environment that attracts and retains clean and innovative industries, such as technology, healthcare, and tourism. He will also ensure that the city maintains a balanced budget and invests in essential infrastructure and public services Read More

City of Franklin's Public safety

BK Muvvala believes that public safety is a top priority for any city. He will support the police and fire departments with adequate funding, training and equipment. He will also promote community policing and crime prevention programs that foster trust and cooperation between the residents and the law enforcement. Enhancing our public safety and emergency services and fostering a culture of trust and respect between our police and our citizens. Also, such as inclusionary zoning, accessory dwelling units, and rental assistance programs Read More

City of Franklin's Infrastructure & Development

BK Muvvala understands that infrastructure is the backbone of any city. He will work with the city staff, engineers and contractors to ensure that Franklin City's roads, bridges, water, sewer and electric systems are well-maintained and upgraded as needed. He will also seek grants and partnerships to fund infrastructure projects that benefit the city. Advocate for public safety and fire protection, ensuring that the city has adequate resources and personnel to respond to emergencies and prevent disasters

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City of Franklin to explore various options to Promote Environmental Sustainability

Explore the various options to Promote environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy and green infrastructure. Environmental sustainability and resilience: He will champion initiatives that reduce the city's carbon footprint, such as renewable energy sources, energy efficiency programs, and waste reduction strategies. He will also prepare the city for the impacts of climate change, such as flooding, drought, and extreme weather events.

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City of Franklin's Preservation of Historic Heritage

BK Muvvala will work to preserve the historic heritage of the city. Enhancing the quality of life and public safety by investing in parks, recreation, arts, culture, and historic preservation, as well as strengthening the city's emergency preparedness and response capabilities. Historic preservation . He will respect and protect the city's rich heritage and historic landmarks, such as the Civil War sites, the downtown district, and the Carter House.

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City of Franklin's Social Services & Resolution

Expanding our social services and providing more senior care and senior citizens protection, health care and mental health resources for our most vulnerable populations and work on reducing the high rate of opioid addiction and overdose deaths among residents

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Envision a future where community progress is a collective journey

"Envision a future where community progress is a collective journey. With me as your representative, I pledge to pioneer innovative pathways for our city's growth. We will harness the immense potential of our builders, contractors, and real estate developers, channeling their capabilities towards integral city enhancements.

Imagine neighborhoods defined by well-paved sidewalks, inviting parks, and efficient drainage systems. Visualize streets illuminated by functional electric poles and radiant city lights. Consider the peace of mind that comes with reliable sewage management and access to clean drinking water.

I am committed to exploring how we can encourage those who shape our skylines to also invest in the arteries of our city. The result? A healthier, more vibrant community - one that doesn't just work for some, but for all. This is more than just a campaign promise. It's a pledge to make our city a place where everyone thrives, and every development becomes a part of our shared success."

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Side Walks and greener city

"Envision a city that truly belongs to all its residents - a city that is green, vibrant, inclusive, and, most importantly, safe. A vote for me is a vote for this future, a promise to prioritize community needs and public safety above all else. 

With me as your representative, we'll explore adaptive zoning options to shape our cityscape in a manner that is both welcoming and secure. Picture wider sidewalks, safer bike lanes, and accessible public facilities designed for everyone. Imagine a city that is not just verdant with trees and lively parks but is also thoughtfully planned, ensuring a friendly environment that keeps our community safe.

As your candidate, I am dedicated to advocating for the necessary funds to support these endeavors, ensuring public safety is at the heart of our city planning. This campaign is not just about winning an election, it's about reshaping our city into a place that is livable, lovable, inclusive, and above all, safe.

Join me in this journey to foster a community that cherishes its green spaces, values inclusivity, prioritizes public safety, and adapts to the needs of all its residents. Your vote is a step towards this shared vision. Together, we can transform our city into a sanctuary we are all proud to call home." Read More

Mental Health

Mental health issues are a big challenge in the Franklin City, TN community, and here are a few critical points to the way I would like to address: Reduce the stigma around mental illness. Increase access to mental health care. Support mental health programs in schools. Create crisis intervention services. Support mental health research. Make mental health a priority. Partner with stakeholders. Partner with local mental health providers, schools, and other stakeholders to develop and implement my plan. By acting on this I will strive to address mental health issues in the Franklin City, TN community, I will work to improve the lives of many people and make the community a healthier and happier place to live.

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